Kamui Whisky Video Intro

A beautiful, -8°C morning in Rishiri


Hey, I’m Casey. Welcome to our newsletter, sharing the startup journey of Kamui Whisky K.K. We’ve been busy, but when we aren’t overwhelmed, we’ll share a story as we craft up a whisky distillery on a remote, volcanic island in the most northern part of Japan.

A beautiful day here in Rishiri.

This is a drone shot of our distillery early this morning:

Photo credit: Katsuya Kosaka

Things are coming together to a finish.

Our buildings are nearing completion and should be done in March. We passed the first part of the whisky licensing process, and just have the in person check to get fully licensed, and our beautiful still should be shipped out from Kentucky soon.

Kamui Whisky’s completed stills. Photo courtesy of Vendome

Let me know what you think about the video. Should we do one again?