More Personal than Usual
Kamui Whisky Video IntroWatch now (6 min) | A beautiful, -8°C morning in Rishiri
We start operations in 2022. Distill and barrel our first whisky. It’ll be a momentous year for us, the start of what will, hopefully, be a hundreds…
For more than a month our team has been trying to get some special Portuguese wine barrels out of Japanese customs. 
I’ll let the cat out of the bag right now: Kamui’s first whisky will be a single malt.
Our submission to the genre
We’ve been busy, but when we aren’t overwhelmed, Rusty or I will share a story as we craft up a whisky distillery on a remote, volcanic island in the…
Hey, I’m Rusty. Welcome to our newsletter, sharing the startup journey of Kamui Whisky. We’ve been busy, but when we aren’t overwhelmed, Casey or I will…
Kamui Whisky's Groundbreaking Ceremony
Hono-san had served two terms as mayor going in to the election on April 25th. 
& a Bourbon a Bourbon & a Rye a Rye, etc
Kintsugi - For those of you who don’t own a broken vase, lovingly stitched back together with gold joinery, let me explain why we find it so beautiful.